"Gandalf's Staff" Extra Large Orgone Charging Plate

"Gandalf's Staff" Extra Large Orgone Charging Plate

"Gandalf's Staff" Extra Large Orgone Charging Plate
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This impactful swirling vortex charging plate is reminiscent of Gandalf driving his Staff into the ground. It is a dispeller of negative energy and emotions. It is grounding and protective and clears the way for Love to reign!

This powerhouse of an orgone plate was made with love and positive intention. Mindfulness was applied to every aspect of the choice and placement of the components. The beauty of this plate is exceeded only by its power!

Spinning out into your space are the grounding, protection and clarification energies of Shungite , Tiger Eye and Smokey Quartz, the transformational pulses of Rutilated Quartz and Orange Carnelian , and the empowering sense of self love of Red Garnet. 

The face includes 10 1/4 Sacred Cubit (44MHz) SBB Coils and 5 1/2 Sacred Cubit (44MHz) SBB Coils . Then we have 5 layers of alternating magnetic/non-magnetic metals. In the center of the base is a Shungite Plate housing a Lost Cubit (177MHz) SBB Coil

All crystals when compressed within the resin of an orgone device generate piezo electricity.

All of our orgone devices are charged in the afternoon sun around sunset at the Rollright Stone Circle (see photos). For more information on the energy of this megalithic site please visit:

Rollright Stones YouTube presentation

Powerful enough to energise a large space.

Please note there may be some minor imperfections in the plate due to the hand making process.

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