Merchant Policies

Delivery methods
Free UK Delivery (5-7 business days)
Express UK Delivery (1-2 business days)
One item: £11.00; Each additional item: £3.00
International Delivery (Outside of UK)
One item: £48.00; Each additional item: £13.00
Delivery notes

If ordering from outside of UK international shipping costs are estimated.

  • You may need to pay additional shipping fees after checkout.

  • You may also be due a partial refund for shipping a smaller, lighter item.

  • We'll contact you by email to confirm actual shipping costs for your order, & invoice/refund you for any adjustments to your shipping costs before dispatch of your order.

Payment options
Payment methods accepted
Payment notes

Our payment processing utilises PayPal who will send you confirmation of payment and full PayPal buyer protection.

Any additional outstanding international shipping due will be invoiced via PayPal.

Any refunds due will also be processed via PayPal.