Quantum Vortex ~ Creating High Vibrational Spaces

Using vibrational tools to restore harmonic frequencies to your environment, food, & water for improved physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing

The Quantum Vortex Mission

Creating High Vibrational Spaces

At Quantum Vortex Healing, our mission is to offer the metaphysical community an unparalleled experience in orgone & crystal healing. 

We provide Crystals with High Vibrational, Rare Geometric Habits, unlocking the next level of healing potential, and Orgone devices uniquely ...

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Handmade Orgone Devices

If you're looking for legitimate, powerful, orgone devices, then you've come to the right place!

Here at Quantum Vortex, we offer only high-quality orgone devices with the proper metallic composition, layering, and magnetic charge to maximise orgone energy output. As you can see here, an added feature of most of ...

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Rare High Vibrational Crystals

We also have a range of extremely high vibrational crystals that are not commonly available in crystal shops. In particular we sell a range of different varieties of quartz, fluorite and calcite crystals in a myriad crystalline forms each with very different energies. We also have quite a selection of Azurite ...

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As Endorsed By Steve Nobel of "The Soul Matrix"

Quantum Vortex Orgone Devices have been endorsed by Steve Nobel of The Soul Matrix and his partner Liz Findlay of Liz Findlay Healing.

Steve's YouTube interview of Tim can be found on the new Quantum Vortex YouTube Channel and can also be found on Steve Nobel's Blog Posts, and on his YouTube podcast channel.

Steve's ...

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The Differences Between Crystal Healing & Orgone Healing

It is important to note that crystal healing and orgone healing are distinct practices with different mechanisms and techniques. While crystal healing relies on entrainment, which involves bringing the frequencies of the physical and subtle bodies into harmonic resonance with the healing frequencies of crystals, ...

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Tim's Certifications

BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, University of Bath (1995)

Certificate in Education, University of Bath (1995)

Certificate in Molecular Biology, University of York (1996)

Certificate in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Shiva Rea, London (2008)

Certificate in Yin Yoga, Sarah Powers, Kripalu Centre, USA (2008)

Certificate in ...

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Satisfied Customers
30 Reviews

Reviews from the expanding Quantum Vortex Global Grid - We very much appreciate ALL feedback as the network of Quantum Vortex devices & crystals continues to expand across the planet.

Two beautiful custom made organite pyramids delivered to France. I’m excited to start working with them. Thank you Tim for listening and translating my ...Read more

Dec 20, 2023
Katie Venner

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