ORGONE / ORGONITE DEVICES • Bullet Points for looking for a powerful orgone device

ORGONE / ORGONITE DEVICES • Bullet Points for looking for a powerful orgone device

ORGONE / ORGONITE DEVICES • Bullet Points for looking for a powerful orgone device

1) It should have a high metal content. Approximately 50% of the total volume should me metal!

Orgone energy is generated due to the interaction between background radiation with metal and organic material, which in the case of our devices is epoxy resin. You will see many cheaper devices some of which are very beautiful, with beautiful crystals, but that contain little or no metal. Such devices will create some piezo electric output from the compressed crystals, emitted by the pyramid form energy (pyramid forms all generate pyramid form energy) but they will not generate orgone energy . All of our devices contain a high amount of various metals.

2) It should have multiple layers of metals.

Ideally these layers should at least be of different metal particle sizes as this will transmute a broader range of negative frequencies and generate more orgone energy than devices with less layers and only one size of metal particles inside. All of our devices contain metal particles inside from the microscopic dust of atomised metals which provide the smallest particle size (and thus greatest surface area for maximum output and highest frequency) to larger pieces of swarf, ball bearings, and the 3 esoteric cubit lengths of metal wire which each resonate at very s pecific frequencies which you’ll read in each description. These will give you broad range spectrum for neutralising a range of EMF frequencies, and for healing and shifting consciousness on a range of levels.

3) Ideally the metal layers will alternate between magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal

To further increase orgone output these metal layers should alternate between ferromagnetic metals like Iron, magnetic steel, nickel and cobalt. And non magnetic metals such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel, copper, and bismuth amongst others. Indeed copper and bismuth are actually diamagnetic metals (bismuth is the most diamagnetic of all metals) which means they are actually slightly repelled by a magnetic field. Alternating between magnetic and non magnetic metal, and including diamagnetic metal will really maximise the orgone output of a device. We always use iron and copper as a minimum, and always alternate between magnetic and non magnetic metal in our layering. The addition of precious metals can further raise the frequency of a device, but this serves to enhance the orgone output, and thus only really makes an impact if the magnetic/non magnetic metal layering has been done properly.

4) Magnets incorporated into the device will amplify their power

Finally, to amplify to output of the device magnets may be introduced to energise the magnetic metal layers. This will activate the magnetic metal layers by polarising the electrons in the atomic nuclei. If diamagnetic metals such as copper, bismuth and others are including this will activate those also, and these continuously opposing energies constantly generate a powerful energetic field. All minerals (crystals, stones, metals and metallic salts) used within an orgonite fall somewhere on the spectrum between magnetic and diamagnetic, thus all component within the device will be continuously energised if magnets are incorporated. We usually use multiple magnets in our devices in order to achieve maximum output. We also give careful consideration to the positioning and north/south polarity of our magnets in order to create the most powerful devices possible. In particular, all of our large and extra large charging plates contain at least 7 neodymium magnets 6 of them arranged in a hexagonal pattern with 3 of them in an equilateral triangle north pole up. The north pole of a magnet is the Yang pole and this forms the masculine aspect of the Star of David formation. The other 3 are south pole up (the yin pole) and forms the feminine triangle of the Star of David formation. As water has a hexagonal crystal structure (as we see in its snowflake patterns) this hexagonal layout is the most powerful geometric shape for restructuring water to is most harmonic vibrational structure.

5) Crystals are secondary to all of the above criteria!

Indeed an orgone device with a very basic design with the correct alternate metal layering and no crystals will be far more powerful than a very ornate design with many beautiful crystals and no metal! We do however always work with crystals, and carefully choose crystals that complement each other energetically and aesthetically. We also pay close attention to the 3D geometric layout of our crystals following principles of sacred geometry. Geometric patterns themselves transmute energies and consciousness states, and these 3Dimensional geometric layouts of multiple crystals, magnets and metal elements create powerful energetic output indeed.

6) In addition to all of the above, we usually also incorporate passive devices for healing and EMF neutralization in all but our most low budget devices.

These include Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) discs, 12 pointed tesseracts, torus scalar wave field antennae, vortex scalar wave field antennae, all manufactured by one of our suppliers, In addition we also hand make our own SBB coils, triskelions, and tensor rings in Sacred Cubit (144MHz), Lost Cubit (17 7MHz) and Empowerment Cubit (188MHz) lengths, either a full length. Or 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 fractions which provide the same frequencies. We cover each of these in more detail in the esoteric orgone components section.

We believe that by the careful consideration of all of the above points our orgone devices offer the best value for money available. Whilst they are far from the cheapest, we wholeheartedly believe they will give you the best power output per £ or $ that you spend. Indeed we have given very careful consideration to our pricing to ensure we are offering you the best value for money.

All of our Orgone devices are made with considerations of modern and esoteric science, including Physics, Sacred Geometry, and Crystal Therapy. We stay true to the alternate layering of organic and inorganic layering within orgone devices which were a hallmark of the original Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator, which also included the layeri ng of ferromagnetic metals.

We consider the ferromagnetism, diamagnetism, and antiferromagnetism of every component and how they interact in order to generate powerful vortices of energy. In particular we utilise the geometry of the hexagon/hexagram (and multiples thereof) in all of our charging plate designs, and that of the cube and octahedron in all of our pyramids. These equate to ancient teachings of Sacred Geometry in the 2D plane, and the Platonic Solids in the 3D plane which we can expand upon further upon enquiry.

This combination of sacred scientific knowledge and carefully chosen elements creates extremely powerful Orgone devices, that incorporate Tim's artistic flair to give you items that are part science, part art, and truly sacred. We are confident you will feel the power of our devices is unmistakable.

All of our devices are charged at the Rollright Stone Circle, a fully intact megalithic circle which, whilst less famous, is known to have equal power to Stonehenge. This gives them a unique megalithic energy boost. More information on this stone circle can be found here.

We can, for an additional fee also charge any device you choose to purchase at the famous Avebury Henge (in addition to or instead of Rollright) before posting. Please enquire if you would like this option. We will of course provide you with photographic evidence of your item being charged here.

We hope that anything you choose to purchase from our shop brings you the blessings and benefits you are seeking.

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