In the early 20th century, Dr Wilhelm Reich made an observation during his scientific research which would change the course of holistic healing forever. He discovered that all living beings shared an energetic connection, and this etheric energy he named "orgone". Reich spent decades studying the laws of orgone and its various manifestations, proposing that it was an etheric, bio-energetic life force that animated our environment. This discovery, corroborated by more recent research in quantum physics, was well known by our ancient ancestors, who referred to it as "Prana", "Chi", or other similar terms.

According to Reich, maintaining balance of orgone energy was the key to physical and mental health. He classified orgone energy into two categories: 'Positive Orgone Energy' (POR) and 'Deadly Orgone Energy' (DOR), the latter of which was anti-biological and led to decay and entropy. In contrast, POR was organized, structured, and coherent, providing an energetic field within which biological life would naturally enter a state of healing.

Reich built various orgone devices, the most well-known being the Orgone Accumulator. It was made up of alternating layers of wool and ferromagnetic metal. The metal used was crucial, as not all metals have magnetic properties. Iron and magnetic steel are the most common magnetic metals, with Nickel and Cobalt being much rarer, and several other rare earth metals also being highly magnetic.

The Orgone Accumulator was found to accumulate positive orgone energy by transmuting deadly orgone to positive orgone as it passed through the alternating layers of ferromagnetic metal and organic material. This allowed patients to sit inside and be infused with a high concentration of positive orgone energy, providing an environment in which the body's natural healing processes could be accelerated. Reich's research was a threat to the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, resulting in his devices being seized and his research burned, marking the last official "book burning" in recorded history.

In the 2000s, Karl Welz rekindled some of Wilhelm Reich's research, focusing on the use of alternating layers of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic metal encased within an organic resin. He incorporated the use of crystals in these devices, which generated piezoelectricity when compressed by the curing resin, further amplifying the orgone output. This allowed for the creation of smaller orgone tools, including pyramids and charging plates, that could transmute deadly orgone into positive orgone and project it outwards, infusing the local area with positive orgone and creating a healing environment.

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