"Infinite Stardust" Extra Large Third Eye Orgone Charging Plate

"Infinite Stardust" Extra Large Third Eye Orgone Charging Plate

"Infinite Stardust" Extra Large Third Eye Orgone Charging Plate
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Infinite Stardust was made to help you experience expanded awareness, connect with your Higher Self and help you experience elevated states of consciousness from a grounded center.

This powerhouse of an orgone plate was made with love and positive intention. Mindfulness was applied to every aspect of the choice and placement of the components. The beauty of this plate is exceeded only by its power!

This mystical beauty centers around a golden third eye amulet. It floats among a celestial constellation of Amethyst , Howlite and Charoite bringing calm, focused, sharp awareness of higher consciousness. As well as spiritual healing, clearing of negative energy and emotions and a natural influx of love. Gold flakes dance through the constellation grounding it as well as bringing in spiritual grace and nobility. 

The celestial field expands out into a metal merkaba with 1/4 Empowerment Cubit (188MHz) SBB Coils in hexagonal formation between the merkaba hexagonal points. A Kyanite ring seals the entire orb constellation which can help develop intuition and psychic abilities. 

We then have 6 layers of alternating magnetic/non-magnetic metals.

Portalling through to the under side there is a central void/potentiality field of Shungite which houses a 1/2 Empowerment Cubit (188MHz) Triskelion . There are 2 large and 2 medium neodymium magnets all alternating with north and south pole facing upward. Dancing between the shooting stars are Shungite stones for further grounding and bringing the higher realities into this realm safely. 

All crystals when compressed within the resin of an orgone device generate piezo electricity.

All of our orgone devices are charged in the afternoon sun around sunset at the Rollright Stone Circle (see photos). For more information on the energy of this megalithic site please visit:

Rollright Stones YouTube presentation

Powerful enough to energize a large space.

Please note there may be some minor imperfections in the plate due to the hand making process.

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