THE GEOMETRY OF LIFE • Sacred Geometry of DNA

THE GEOMETRY OF LIFE • Sacred Geometry of DNA

THE GEOMETRY OF LIFE • Sacred Geometry of DNA

The most complex crystalline structure is that of DNA, and our DNA itself forms a double helix that is wrapped around a "backbone" structure that consists of a stack of dodecahedrons.

As our DNA represents our own personal akashic (as well as genetic) record, when we can connect our consciousness to the dodecahedral crystal structure we are able to connect to both this ancestral "bloodline" containing the knowledge of all of our ancestors, and karmic knowledge of past lives. In addition as we gain mastery in our meditative awareness of the geometry of the universe, dodachaedral crystals act as powerful gateways beyond the 3rd Dimension.

Indeed, whilst only 1% of our DNA consists of coding instructions to create the protein building blocks of our physical bodies, 100% of our DNA encodes vast knowledge in geometric mandalas that can be seen in every cross section of DNA, each containing far more vast data than that which encodes for protein. Thus our entire karmic and genetic history is geometrically encoded within our DNA. 

Meditation with dodecahedral crystals amplified with complementary crystals can enhance our ability to access and even rewrite this information with our focussed consciousness.

This experience can be taken deeper by focussing one's attention on Sacred Geometric Artwork 

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