Tensor technology, attributed to researcher and bio alchemist Slim Spurling (1938-2007), draws upon ancient knowledge of quantum mechanics. 

At its core, this technology involves the use of twisted wires known as cubits, which possess exact mathematical lengths derived from natural phenomena tied to the universe, the solar system, Earth, and the speed of light. 

Tensor technology has gained recognition for its diverse applications, including healing, restructuring water, stimulating plant growth, maintaining bee colonies, facilitating contact with the invisible realms, and countless other possibilities. While firmly grounded in scientific principles, Tensor Technology extends far beyond the current scope of conventional sciences.

The term "Cubit" originates from ancient Egypt, where it served as a measure of length akin to our contemporary use of centimeters or meters. The ancient Egyptians defined the Cubit as the distance from the top of the middle finger to the tip of the elbow, measured with a stretched hand.

The Sacred Cubit, discovered in the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, stands as the first Cubit length gauge employed in manufacturing Tensor Technology. It also served as the standard building measure during the construction of the Great Pyramid.

Despite initial skepticism from mainstream academic archaeology, modern scientific research has revealed the multifunctional nature of the Great Pyramids, refuting the notion that they merely served as tombs for Pharaohs. Instead, evidence suggests that these awe-inspiring structures harnessed free energy, creating a harmonious energy field that enhanced crop fertility, health, and vitality for all living beings, including humans. Additionally, the resonant frequencies present in the King's and Queen's chambers possess potent healing qualities, capable of impacting human consciousness.

In a tribute to the ancient Egyptians and the lengths discovered in the Great Pyramid, Slim Spurling continues to refer to the measurements used in crafting the transformative Tensor Tools as "Cubits."

The Sacred Cubit (20.63 inches/52.4 cm 44MHz frequency):

This frequency mainly works on the physical and aspects of life. It helps materialise ideas, attracts abundance, has a vertical energy field, works well against pain, connects beings with the earth and helps with grounding. It is connected to the elements of earth and water and has feminine energy, working on the heart chakra. It works well at eliminating unhealthy energy fields (such as the hartmann grid, curry grid), neutralizes wifi radiation, and works perfectly against a polluted environment. It works very well with the Lost Cubit and the Empowerment cubit.

The Lost Cubit (23.49 inches/59.67 cm 177MHz frequency):

The Lost Cubit was created by studying the sun-lunar-earth ratio, using a mathematical calculation formula. It is a lot stronger than the Sacred Cubit. This frequency known for its connection with the Etheric and Emotional bodies works mainly works on the mental, emotional and ethereal aspects of life, and has a calming and soothing effect. It works well against pain and helps bring the brain in balance, so it is nice to meditate with. Connected to the elements earth and aether, it emits a horizontal energy. It works on the Solar Plexus, Heart and Third Eye chakras, and has a balanced feminine and masculine energy. It works perfectly against a polluted environment. Plants love this frequency, very good for children, schools, and adult learning. It works very well with the Sacred Cubit and with the Lost Cubit.

The Empowerment Cubit (28.85748 inches/73.3 cm 188MHz frequency):

The Empowerment Cubit, like the Lost Cubit, was created by a mathematical calculation formula, and confirmed by a Master Dowser. Mainly works on the inner and invisible aspects of life and is essential for healing therapies. The most powerful of these three Cubit sizes, helps in contact with the invisible, spiritual guides, guardians, angels, earth elements, has a female energy associated with the fire element, works on the third, fifth and sixth chakras and helps you to come into your power. Perfect for people who use their voice a lot, such as singers, teachers, public speakers, Resonates with and decalcifies the Pineal, helps release Programs and Beliefs. This emits energy in all directions.

How the sacred measure are used:

We utilise these sacred measures to make our own tensor rings, SBB coils and triskelions which each have their own specific energetic properties.

All pure metals have an atomic crystalline structure, and when heated while metal wires are being fabricated, this crystal structure in the wire is aligned, creating a one-way energy flow.

SBB Coils

SBB stands for "Spiral, Bi-filar, Bifilar" coil. The term "bifilar" means that the coil is made up of of wire that has it's ends wound together in a parallel spiral configuration. The SBB coil is also sometimes referred to as the "Tesla coil" or the "pancake coil" due to its shape and its association with the work of Nikola Tesla, who experimented with similar coil configurations. 

In an SBB coil a specific cubit length of metal wire is folded in half and then each half of the wire is then coiled around the centre making a double spiral. This double spiral formation transmutes the infinite source of energy present in the quantum field directs the flow of energy in a specific direction simultaneously creating an energetic vortex, where energy flows into the anticlockwise face, and out of the clockwise face. This projects orgone energy being transmuted within a device in a specific direction, whilst attuning it to specific healing frequencies defined by the cubit length and can be utilised to project the energy through orgone devices and out into the local environment. When utilised in a pendant this will project your own life force energy, enhance by additional transmuted orgone energy out into your own electromagnetic field (otherwise known as your aura) amplifying its strength allowing you to remain within a personal protective energetic “bubble”. When utilised in a charging plate it will direct energy up into whatever items (e.g. food, water, homeopathic and herbal remedies, crystals and energetic tools, and more) are placed on top of the plate. In pyramids, tower busters and other orgone devices these energies are projected out into the environment in which these are placed.


The triskelion symbol is an ancient Celtic symbol that represents the concept of movement or motion, and is made up of three spirals that are interconnected. The spirals can be seen as representing the flow of energy or the cyclical nature of life, and the interconnectedness of all things. When combined, the properties of copper and the triskelion symbol suggest that the energy of a copper wire triskelion may be associated with the flow of energy, motion, and interconnectedness. These are made and work in a very similar way to the SBB coils mentioned above, however each of the 2 ends of the SBB coil are also coiled creating a triple spiral creating 3 separate vortices of energy. Nikola Tesla concluded that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 were important, and this has to do with complicated mathematics and human history. Threes also appear often in human history. Triangles have three sides — as do pyramids. Trinities abound in human history, as in the “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” being just one prime example. Tesla himself would point to the trifecta of “energy, frequency, and vibration” which he believed contained the “secrets of the universe”, and represent a “flux field” or a vector from the third to the fourth dimension.

Tensor Rings

In a tensor ring the ends of the twisted wire are connected back to themselves, creating an open/active space, which transmutes the infinite source of energy present in the quantum field and an energy flow is produced in two directions. This is known as the tensor field. This infinite source of energy is neither electric nor magnetic and has a beneficial effect on all life forms. It is a super conductor that neutralizes harmful electromagnetic fields. It brings tranquillity and stability to chaos (converting entropy to syntropy), and very easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. The tensor field produces a measurable earth / gravity effect, and a portal of life energy and restorative information is created that is returned to the physical body, and other forms of matter.

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