"Cosmic Ocean" Medium Orgone Pyramid

"Cosmic Ocean" Medium Orgone Pyramid

"Cosmic Ocean" Medium Orgone Pyramid
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Enhance your space with the Cosmic Ocean Orgone Pyramid, crafted to offer energetic harmony and protection from a blend of powerful crystals and elements to shield and energise your space.

Key Features:

Lapis Lazuli  

Black Obsidian  


Blue Lace Agate   


Angel Howlite 


Lost Cubit Tensor Ring 

Empowerment Cubit Triskelion 

Neodymium magnet (North Pole up)

4 Copper Feet

  • Four alternating layers of magnetic and non-magnetic metals ensure a balanced and harmonious flow of energies.
  • The base contains a Crop circle Grid with sacred finite Triskelion and Neodymium magnets. This enhances the pyramid's potential for protecting and elevating surrounding energies.

Energetic Benefits:

  • Negative Energy Dissipation: Lapis lazuli, Black obsidian, Larimar, Blue lace agate, Charoite, Amethyst and Angel Howlite synergistically work to absorb and transmute negative energies, shielding you from unwanted influences.
  • The Hexagonal flower of life is a sacred geometric pattern representing creation, the cycles of life & death, rebirth and unity. It is helpful in unlocking higher states of consciousness, spiritual growth, and connecting with the universal source of energy and wisdom.

Create an environment of enhanced protection and energetic support by placing these pyramids near routers, “smart devices,” in your meditation corner, or any area where you desire an amplified and protected space.

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