"Tree of Life" -  Quantum Vortex Giza (8-sided) Magnetic Orgone Pyramid

"Tree of Life" - Quantum Vortex Giza (8-sided) Magnetic Orgone Pyramid

"Tree of Life" -  Quantum Vortex Giza (8-sided) Magnetic Orgone Pyramid
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"Tree of Life"

This 8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid combines elements for connecting to Mother Gaia, nature spirits, healing the Earth and opening the heart.

Key Design Features:

  • A 'grade A' fibrous Malachite crystal is in the apex, surrounded by Green Aventurine, Seraphinite, Blue Apatite, and Peridot.  
  • Amplified by a 2400Gauss Neodymium magnet (South Pole up for calming and protective field), and Lost Cubit wire work on each face.
  • 8 layers of magnetic and non-magnetic metals incorporating Blue Apatite & piezo-electric mineral mix for Orgone accumulation
  • Golden Tree of Life symbol on each face to project this energy in all directions
  • Magnetised Torus-field orgone plate in the base contains powdered atomised copper and iron, surrounded by further Malachite and copper swarf..

Energetic Benefits:

  • Harmonised energetic field within your space to promote optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health


  • Absorbs Negative Energy: Clears and cleanses the aura, removing negative influences.
  • Promotes Transformation: Facilitates spiritual growth and personal transformation.
  • Enhances Emotional Balance: Calms emotional turmoil and promotes inner peace.
  • Aids in Healing: Supports physical healing, especially of the heart and throat areas.
  • Boosts Self-Expression: Encourages clear communication and confident self-expression.
  • Protects Against Radiation: Shields against electromagnetic pollution from technology.

Green Aventurine

  • Attracts Abundance: Promotes prosperity and success in various aspects of life.
  • Heals the Heart: Soothes emotional wounds and promotes emotional balance.
  • Enhances Creativity: Stimulates creativity and encourages innovative thinking.
  • Promotes Optimism: Inspires a positive outlook on life and boosts confidence.
  • Supports Physical Health: Aids in the healing of physical ailments and promotes vitality.
  • Protects Against EMF: Shields against electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices.


  • Promotes Healing: Facilitates physical healing and cellular regeneration.
  • Enhances Spiritual Growth: Elevates spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms.
  • Balances Emotions: Stabilizes mood swings and alleviates emotional stress.
  • Clears Blockages: Removes energetic blockages and promotes the flow of energy.
  • Connects with Seraphim: Facilitates communication with the seraphim and the angelic realm, enhancing divine guidance.
  • Supports Heart Chakra: Opens and activates the heart chakra, encouraging love and compassion.


  • Promotes Emotional Healing: Alleviates feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment.
  • Enhances Positive Energy: Attracts abundance, prosperity, and happiness.
  • Supports Heart Chakra: Opens and activates the heart chakra, fostering love and compassion.
  • Boosts Confidence: Enhances self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Aids Physical Detoxification: Helps cleanse and regenerate the body, especially the liver.
  • Relieves Stress: Reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of peace and well-being

Blue Apatite:

  • Enhances Communication: Improves verbal expression and public speaking.
  • Boosts Intuition: Strengthens psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.
  • Promotes Motivation: Increases energy levels and drive to achieve goals.
  • Supports Weight Loss: Suppresses appetite and enhances metabolic rate.
  • Aids in Healing: Facilitates the healing of bones and joint issues.
  • Clears Mental Confusion: Enhances focus, clarity, and concentration.
  • Lost Cubit wire work on each face provides maximises energetic healing
  • The torus-field plate and wi re work firstly, maximise energetic output secondly, add aesthetic appeal.


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