Muna Escoffery - Well With Muna

Angelic Sound Healer & Collaborator

Muna is an award winning singer, a sound healer and channeler, and the creator of Angelicus Sanatio.

Through her angelic vocal quality, intuitive and channeling gift, combined with her qualified expertise, Muna offers sound healing sessions to individuals and groups, raising consciousness, removing emotional blocks with an original holistic approach to healing.

Sound healing has been used in every ancient civilisation to heal. As we are 70% water we are great conductors of sound. Through energetic sound blocks can shift in our bodies, traumas & hurts can come to the surface highlighted to heal, the whole body chakra system can be rebalanced and the nervous system brought into balance and harmony including the 5 layers, physical, emotional, soul & spirit.

Muna holds a range of events, 1 to 1, and private group healing detailed on her website 

Many of these are held in collaboration with Tim from Quantum Vortex and held with a space specially gridded with Quantum Vortex Orgone and Crystals in a very specific way to harmonise the energies of the space, infusing it with orgone energy which allows the healing power of sound to be amplified enabling a deeper healing experience.

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