"Meret's Cathedral" - XXL Orgone Pyramid

"Meret's Cathedral" - XXL Orgone Pyramid

"Meret's Cathedral" - XXL Orgone Pyramid

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This Dynamic Extra Large QuantumVortex Giza Orgone Pyramid is named after the Egyptian Goddess of rejoicing in bounty. It connects the throat chakra with the third eye to bring voice to your higher knowing. Dance in your power and express it!

This powerhouse of an orgone pyramid was made with love and positive intention. Mindfulness was applied to every aspect of the choice and placement of the components. The beauty of this pyramid is exceeded only by its power!

The apex of this pyramid contains a prominent Amethyst leading to an Caribbean Calcite point. The Amethyst is supported by spires of Caribbean Calcite, Charoite , and Quartz points. A gold vortex amulet is ceremoniously surrounded by 4 pyramids charged from beneath by 4 neodymium magnets with alternating north and south poles facing upward.   

We then have 6 alternating layers of magnetic and non magnetic metals with a 7th final metal layer also displaying 4 Selenite wands flanked by Caribbean Calcite and Amethyst.

The Pyramid stands on 4 copper feet. The base houses a Lost Cubit (177MHz) tensor ring for spiritual healing and empowerment and an Empowerment Cubit (188MHz) triskelion to project energy up through the device. The triskelion houses a neodymium magnet with north pole facing upward and is flanked by 3 Charoite stones. All displayed on a base plate of Shungite

All crystals when compressed within the resin of an orgone device generate piezo electricity.

All of our orgone devices are charged in the afternoon sun around sunset at the Rollright Stone Circle (see photos). For more information on the energy of this megalithic site please visit:

Rollright Stones YouTube presentation

Powerful enough to energise a large space.

Please note there may be some minor imperfections in the pyramid due to the hand making process.

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