Garden Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Garden Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Garden Amethyst Crystal Cluster
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Garden Amethyst

This is a very rare Garden Amethyst Cluster. This particular piece is extremely light in colour, and thus has a vibration that is almost closer to Clear Quartz than Amethyst, yet it is Amethyst by classification with the violet tones being deep in the core of the cluster.

10 cm Long

8cm wide

6cm tall

541g weight 

We are extremely privileged to be able to bring your these extremely rare specimens of Garden Amethyst. These are formed when Epidote grows symbiotically with Amethyst. When mother nature combines these minerals their properties are multiplied by each other, rather than added to each other.

Crystal Cluster Healing Properties 

Garden Amethyst Healing Properties

Garden Amethyst

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