WOLFRAMITE  • Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

WOLFRAMITE • Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

WOLFRAMITE  • Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

A mixture of iron and tungsten, Wolframite is so grounding, it leaves you feeling virtually nailed to the floor, whilst also enhancing flexibility and movement, allowing your life force energy to course correct and flow freely once more. 

Iron ores such as Haematite are known for their grounding and protecting qualities. Combined with tungsten, which has the highest melting point and greatest tensile strength (at high temperatures) of all metals, and you have an energy which shields and protects beyond almost any other mineral, making us feel virtually impervious to outside forces. 

Physically, Wolframite strengthens and purifies the blood, and can be used to treat anaemia. Provides strength for the physical body & regulates body processes. Provides a smooth flow of energy within any situation. Eliminates control issues, helps situations to rectify naturally, & helps one with insights to the “whys” of one’s life. Helps in treatment of deficiencies of iron, alleviation of hypoglycemia, correction of weakness of the sight, & with alignment of the vertebrae.

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