MAGNETITE • Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

MAGNETITE • Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

MAGNETITE • Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

Magnetite is a stone that will help you manifest desirable people and situations into your life. It’s a stone of attraction. Anything that you wish to have can be yours when you have this stone’s powerful energies working for you. 

Magnetite has very deep and strong vibrations that can easily attune to your personal auric fields. It will work harmoniously with your energies and bring your desired results. It will work in your life wondrously by aligning your chakras and balancing yin and yang energies. It’s a highly grounding and stabilising stone that will make you strong and courageous amidst the challenges of life. It will make you more confident with your decisions and enlightened with your understanding. You will be harnessing both your feminine and masculine energies to achieve the best results. 

Magnetite is also a very protective stone that will dispel all negative or harmful energies. Anything that’s not allowing your spirit to shine will be removed, and it will attract more positive and uplifting energies in. This stone will also help lighten your load and ease your burdens. It carries energies of endurance and strength. When you work with the vibrations of this stone, there’s really nothing that you can’t do! Magnetite is a stone that’s been known to make you feel invulnerable. It will accomplish this feat by strengthening your body, your heart, your mind, and your spirit. It’s the stone that you should have if you want help with your focus and concentration. There will be fewer distractions, which will result to an increase in productivity and achievements. 

Magnetite has healing energies that can strengthen your circulatory system. It will allow more blood to flow all throughout your body and increase the amount of oxygen that can reach the injured parts of the body. This stone will also promote healthy red blood cells that can prevent anaemia. It’s a very good stone in stemming nosebleeds. Magnetite will act as an anti-inflammatory., and is good for reducing pain. It will stimulate your sluggish organs and neutralise the overactive ones. It can help in the treatment of circulatory system-related illnesses and disorders. It will also act as a natural pain reliever and relieve symptoms of depression or agitation as well. Magnetite has a strong and receptive energy that attracts power, love, and good fortune. It will attract abundance and prosperity the harder you work for what you want. It will attract good luck in your endeavors, and it will give you the strength of body and mind to achieve the best results. 

Because magnetite is a natural magnet and is considered by many to be a magical stone, it can attract whatever you wish for yourself and your relationship. If you want to attract love and romance, this is the stone that you should never be without. Magnetite energies will inspire love and commitment in your relationship. It will remove or lessen feelings of grief and sorrow, fear and confusion, and anger and resentment. This stone will replace it with peace, acceptance, courage, forgiveness, understanding, and hope.

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