CRYSTAL FORMATIONS • Dodecahedral Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

CRYSTAL FORMATIONS • Dodecahedral Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

CRYSTAL FORMATIONS • Dodecahedral Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

The Dodecahedron’s key functions are Ascension, Expression, Divine creation of life and the highest form of Consciousness. It can help you to raise your frequency and to connect with higher dimensions and your higher self. It’s the perfect tool for meditation.

The Dodecahedron resonates with the element Aether or Spirit and the Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Ajna Chakra. It represents knowledge, dignity, perception and intuition. The Third Eye can be used to connect with other realities and dimensions. 

The element of spirit goes by several names. The most common are spirit, ether or aether, and quintessence, which is Latin for "fifth element." In the physics the ether is is the equivalent of the quantum field, the source field that animates all physical matter, and in infinite source of energy which our consciousness can tap into once it resonates with this frequency.

Spirit is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. In cosmological models, the spirit is the transitory material between the physical and celestial realms. Within the microcosm, the spirit is the bridge between body and soul. This was well known by the ancients, and many dodecahedral ancient artefacts have been discovered across many ancient pyramids and temples, which are believed to have been used for their powerful esoteric properties in bridging dimensions.

This knowledge has been utilised in modern engineering for transmissions and detonations devices. It is even demonstrated as a part of a machine used in the movie Contact (1997). In this movie, they used a dodecahedron shaped machine to open a portal through Space-Time to get into contact with Highly advanced Extraterrestrials. So the use of the Dodecahedron as a building block for “building” a portal has even been acknowledged by “ science fiction”. In the most recent Black Panther movie "Wakanda Forever" you may notice the energetic explosive charges used by the Mayans were dodecahedral, another nod to the incredible power of the dodechaedron. In fact now primed with the awareness of the power of the dodecahedron, you may notice several references to the power of it's structure in the realms of "science fiction", which many times such movies are either a nod to our ancient past, or our forseeable future.

The Dodecahedron also is the geometric form around which the double helix of our DNA wr aps around, thus is a powerful crystal habit for awakening dormant ancestral information encoded within our genes, past life recall, and genetic healing.

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