CALCITE • Yellow Calcite Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

CALCITE • Yellow Calcite Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

CALCITE • Yellow Calcite Crystal Healing Properties/Meaning

Calcite is a Seeker Builder Crystal. Seeker Builder crystals are used to focus your efforts to achieve a highly desirable goal. Finding your true love, getting your perfect home, or having a financially secure retirement are all dreams that take a great deal of focus and energy to accomplish. 

Calcite is a perfect aid for such efforts. Calcite has Metal elemental energy. Metal energy is the energy of intelligence, contraction, healing, and creativity. It is the energy of togetherness and crystallization – of ideas, of concepts, and of groups. It is some times hard, sharp, and often destructive, yet an essential element in all lives. In Calcite, its metal energy is tempered and more focused on power for avoiding being a victim of others. The metal element brings the power of concentration and determination to our lives and our dwellings. 

Use Calcite in the west area of your home or room to bring the Metal energy of concentration to your efforts. Calcite is a meditation stone used when you need to restore balance in your life, when it is out of balance from an excess of Yang energy. The world can be a harsh, hard, loud, and forceful place. Calcite is a repose. For many, just holding one for a few minutes brings great relief. Other practitioners report that Calcite facilitates time travel, inspires, and energizes you. It is also reported to cure resentment and animosity. The stones do seem to also be used for strengthening character, fighting bigotry, and sexism. It’s also a stone that will connect you to your own spirit guides. It will enhance your meditation and stimulate your higher mind, which will link you to the most wonderful spiritual guidance. It will enhance your overall physical energy in a gentle manner and increase your strength and vitality. It will heal your sorrow and grief, and it will even lift you out of your depression. This stone will clear your mind and help you access your inner wisdom. It will also give you comfort and reassurance when you’re going through tough times in your life. 

Calcite will also work on the stagnant energies in your life and break you out of your rut. It will remove the sluggishness and will boost your sense of self-worth. It’s a very uplifting stone that will bring about deep relaxation. It’s also the perfect stone for meditation, channeling, shamanic work, and psychic exploration.

Yellow Calcite is powerful energy cleanser. It will purify and remove toxins in your environment and in your aura, and it will increase the positive energies present Yellow Calcite is a very lucky stone because it can attract prosperity, abundance, and positive blessings into your life. Good karma will come to you and reward you a hundredfold! Yellow Calcite will give you focus. It will increase your personal motivation to achieve your financial goals and to generate new streams of income.

Calcites are amongst the most varied crystals, and come in a variety of colours and forms. Whilst the molecular structure is rhombohedral, crystals may form an incredible array of structural forms, some crystal forms demonstrating perfectly symmetrical geometry, others forming abstract shapes, masses, stalactites etc. The form energy of the specimen shape will have a strong influence on the healing properties of the crystal, thus espcailly when searching for calcite crystals it is of importance for one to connect with the structural form of the crystal.

Much of the calcite available in metaphysical stores comes from large masses of calcite either as rough, tumbled, or polished stones.

Here at Quantum Vortex Crystals we focus on bringing you some raw and natural examples of the wide array of crystalline forms this powerful crystal is able to create each with their own subtly powerful unique energy.

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