The Differences Between Crystal Healing & Orgone Healing

It is important to note that crystal healing and orgone healing are distinct practices with different mechanisms and techniques. While crystal healing relies on entrainment, which involves bringing the frequencies of the physical and subtle bodies into harmonic resonance with the healing frequencies of crystals, orgone healing works by harnessing the universal life force energy known as "orgone energy" creating an energetically healing field within which the body's natural healing process can work more efficiently.

The crystals in orgone devices work in conjunction with metal & resin layering to transmute harmful orgone energy into positive orgone energy, which can have a healing effect on the body and mind. Additionally, orgone devices transmute the negative effects of harmful background electromagnetic radiation and negative earth energies, as well as negative vibes from other people, which can create disturbances within the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Orgone pyramids, eggs, towers, wands, and charging plates are different types of orgone devices that can be used to create a clear energetic space and direct a healing energy beam. By harmonizing the energies of a room or directing healing energy, orgone devices can enhance the effectiveness of other holistic modalities, such as crystal healing, sound healing, and many others. As such, orgone devices are highly complimentary for crystal practitioners creating an amplification in the power of the crystal healing, and equally so with all other healing modalities. 

More information about these approaches to healing can be found on our Sacred Geometry and Orgone pages or by visiting our online shop for available orgones, crystals, and sacred geometric art.

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