"Angel Aura Stargate" 8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid

"Angel Aura Stargate" 8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid

"Angel Aura Stargate" 8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid

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The next level in terms of high vibration for both cosmic connection and protection this 8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid.

As with all Quantum Vortex pyramids this was made and each layer of resin cured within the high vibrational cymatic frequency field of healing musical tones and chants.

Key Design Features:

Energetic Benefits:

  • As well as all the benefits of Amethyst, the main point is a Dow (trans-channeller) point which is a rare quartz formation that amplifies our innate ability to both transmit prayers and intentions out to the universe, and channel the information and energy coming back.
  • In addition this Amethyst point has an Angel Aura. This is a specially bonded coating of atomised silver and platinum, and on a crystal healing level amplifies the connection to the angelic realms and heals the aura, and on a orgone generation level adds an additional 2 metallics elements for the accumulation and vibrational tuning or the orgone energy
  • Selenite wrapped with magnetic steel wire for maximum magnetic amplification and tourmalinated quartz provide maximum amplifcation and protection of all high vibrational energies
  • Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, and further amplifies cosmic connection.
  • The torus-field plate in the base and the sacred wire work intelligently chosen and placed very specifically. Firstly, to maximise both vertical and horizontal energetic output, and secondly ,adding further aesthetic beauty
  • The Angel Aura Amethyst and Selenite wands in the pyramid both come from @hengeshop.avebury and thus charged with the energy of Avebury Henge in addition to charging at Rollright Stone Circle before dispatch.

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