***Reserved for Sharon*** “Celestial Radiance” Orgone Charging Plate

***Reserved for Sharon*** “Celestial Radiance” Orgone Charging Plate

***Reserved for Sharon*** “Celestial Radiance” Orgone Charging Plate

“Celestial Radiance” Orgone Charging Plate

Crafted with meticulous precision and a touch of elegance, the “Celestial Radiance" Orgone Charging Plate is designed to emanate an orgone charging field that fosters divine celestial connection, synergised, and enriched with grounding and protective qualities.

Key Features:

Energetic Benefits:

  • Balanced Conductivity
    • The combination and positioning of metals ensure balanced energy accumulation and conductivity, facilitating the efficient flow of energy throughout the plate.
  • Harmonious Crystal Synergy
    • Amethyst, with its calming energy, enhances emotional balance and promotes a loving atmosphere.
    • Blue Apatite stimulates spiritual attunement and promotes a humanitarian outlook.
    • Rainbow Fluorite brings clarity and harmony to the mind, fostering emotional well-being and peaceful energy.
    • Copper Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of the crystals
    • Magnetite & Shungite create a harmonious blend that supports stability, vitality, grounding, and harmonisation in the energetic field.
    • These elements collectively absorb and transmute negative energies, including EMFs, fostering a protective shield against unwanted influences.
  • Enhanced Magnetic Field
    • The 2400 Gauss Neodymium Magnet augments and polarises the plate's magnetic field, intensifying the charging experience.
  • Triskelion Amplification
    • The Sacred Cubit 144MHz Triskelion enhances the vertical flow of energies, creating a balanced and harmonious charging environment. This triskelion configuration not only provides EMF protection but also supports physical healing.

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