**RESERVED FOR RODICA** Pleiadian Beacon 8-Sided Giza orgone pyramid

**RESERVED FOR RODICA** Pleiadian Beacon 8-Sided Giza orgone pyramid

**RESERVED FOR RODICA** Pleiadian Beacon 8-Sided Giza orgone pyramid
Custom-Made (SOLD)

This "Pleiadian Beacon" Orgone Pyramid will elevate your spiritual journey and experience of  celestial energies. This meticulously crafted pyramid is a fusion of high-vibrational crystals and sacred geometries, designed to elevate your consciousness and illuminate your spiritual path.

Key Features:

  • Gemstones of Awakening: The "Pleiadian Beacon" pyramid boasts an exquisite blend of crystals, each carefully selected for their extraordinary properties and resonance with higher realms.
  • Neodymium Magnets for Energy Alignment: Two strategically positioned neodymium magnets (both North Pole up), assist in the focused channeling of energy, grounding and harmonizing the pyramid's energetic field.
  • Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring, 4 Lost Cubit Triskelions and Dual Vortex Coils, Empowerment Cubit Triskelion and Tensor Ring. Positioned to project energy upwards and outwards catalysing ascension, and personal growth.

Energetic Benefits:

The "Pleiadian Beacon" Orgone Pyramid offers a transformative gateway to higher consciousness, alignment of chakras, and the manifestation of intentions:

  • Spiritual Illumination: Lithium Quartz, Lemurian Quartz, and Charoite combine their energies to facilitate spiritual awakening, inner peace, and the unlocking of ancient wisdom from Lemurian times. By working with this pyramid, you may discover a heightened connection to celestial realms and expanded intuitive insights.
  • Emotional Balance: Blue Lace Agate, Moonstone, and Seraphinite contribute to emotional harmony, inner tranquility, and heightened emotional intelligence. They support your journey towards emotional equilibrium and self-discovery, and connection with higher dimensional realms.
  • Communication and Divine Expression: Kyanite and Amethyst align the throat and crown chakras, enhancing communication, spiritual clarity, and the expression of divine truths. They empower you to articulate your spiritual insights and connect with higher guidance.
  • Protection and Energetic Cleansing: Labradorite and Celestite offer a protective shield against negativity and assist in energetic purification. They help shield your auric field and facilitate a harmonious energetic atmosphere, and connection to the heavens.

The "Pleiadian Beacon" Orgone Pyramid is your portal to the stars, an invitation to embark on a celestial journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Whether you seek heightened

spiritual awareness, emotional balance, or a deeper connection to higher realms, this pyramid is your beacon of illumination and empowerment.

Place it in your sacred space, meditate with it, or allow its energies to envelop your environment, and embrace the radiant path of your spiritual journey.

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