***Reserved For ALTAIR*** “Octahedral Amplified Heart Expansion”  8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid

***Reserved For ALTAIR*** “Octahedral Amplified Heart Expansion” 8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid

***Reserved For ALTAIR*** “Octahedral Amplified Heart Expansion”  8-sided Giza Orgone Pyramid
Custom Made (SOLD)

Introducing the “Octahedral Amplified Heart Expansion” Orgone Pyramid—an exceptional blend of natural elements and energetic resonance designed to facilitate transformative experiences.
Key Features:
* Heart Expansion: At its apex, a raw Green Fluorite Octahedral crystal embodies the air element and the Platonic solid, promoting clarity and balance while connecting with the heart chakra.
* Empowerment and Abundance: At its core, a single Pyrite granule rests within an Empowerment Cubit Triskelion, enhancing intention manifestation and abundance. Just below, a 24k Gold Lakhovsky MWO Antenna rests atop Neodymium Magnet (North Pole up), aligning with cosmic vibrations. This lies on a bed of Peridot, Nephrite Jade, Seraphinite, and Clear Quartz, bridging earthly and celestial energies.
* Comprising six alternating layers of magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including further Jade, the pyramid resonates with a potent energetic blend.
* The base boasts a Scalar Wave Torus Field Plate enriched with Magnetite, Shungite, Iron, Rochelle Salts, magnetized by a second Neodymium Magnet. It’s encircled a 1/2 Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring for enhanced resonance.
* Supported by four Copper Feet, the pyramid establishes a grounded connection with Earth’s energies.
Energetic Benefits:
* Heart Activation: Green Fluorite within the Platonic solid of the octahedron connects with the heart chakra, promoting clarity and inner harmony.
* Empowerment: Pyrite in the Empowerment Cubit Triskelion bolsters intention manifestation and abundance.
* Cosmic Alignment: The 24k Gold Lakhovsky MWO Antenna and Neodymium Magnet attune you to cosmic frequencies.
The “Octahedral Amplified Heart Expansion” Orgone Pyramid serves as a gateway to heart expansion, cosmic alignment, and profound energetic support for your sacred space, meditation corner, or any area seeking heart-centered transformation and connection to higher frequencies.

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